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Passion for watching a video is common to all and YouTube being a universal video-sharing site, musicians and other art performers have found in YouTube the one which can raise up their

Popularity across the world on just uploading their video on it and by obtaining valued ‘comments’ from the worldwide audience.

Why are YouTube comments so important for videos?



Potentiality of YouTube demands that the uploaded video too should have the requisite potential in terms of scripting, video-making and be making it presentable so that when it is uploaded on YouTube and released worldwide it should arrest attention of world audience and only then the video and so the musician can be acclaimed as the most viewed and highly ‘commented’ ones.


Therefore, musicians, performing artists, marketing strategists of business houses and others who want to showcase their talents on YouTube are advised to finalize their videos on the above quality parameters and finally upload it to YouTube with a suitable identifying keywords so that a viewer/listener types on search bar and he exactly finds concerned video to play it on and listen to it.

How to increase YouTube Comments


You may be wondering

There displays ‘comment’ under the video screen followed by a space for digital display flashing added up when any viewer/listener types up his comment in ‘comment’ box and posts it.

Grows & grows thus the number of YouTube ‘comments’ and the musician becomes popular and popular and recommended listeners add up the number of YouTube ‘comments’ with their each listening and ‘commenting’. This will give exponential growth to the popularity of the musician thus getting noticed and appreciated by musician community.


The current state of popularity is fine but the number of YouTube comments being not sufficient the musician is far from being globally applauded aiming which he composed world class music and uploaded on YouTube.

Purchase real and cheap comments for videos

Buy youtube comments and make your video viral and get more organic hit for videos.


Before hiring the services for buying YouTube ‘comments’ it is advised to ensure that the company is a genuine one to provide long-stayed and highly working real and requisite number of YouTube ‘comments’ at cost-friendly price.

Also advised caution against getting services from an unethical and fake company which provide soon decaying and lowly working YouTube ‘comments’ resulting losses of time and money.


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